I Gave up Being Shy

Maarja-Liis Loo is an Estonian girl who writes her feelings down on a paper. She also teaches yoga, travels around the world, takes part in kirtan singing and believes that we are all connected and we are here to lift each other higher. Her dream was to publish a book and now you are holding it in your hands. Thank you for that. Most of the poems here were written on year 2018 when she was traveling in India, Nepal, Bali and Egypt. It is a journey of healing illustrated by a lotus flower showing us that life is a circle. It never ends, it never fails to surprise us, it is always giving us new challenges so that we could learn and grow.

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Read a blog post about the book (in Estonian) : https://gratefuladventurer.com/2019/10/10/ma-andsin-valja-oma-esimese-raamatu-kuidas-see-veel-juhtus/
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