I want to visit a rainforest… But will it still be there?

I’ve had a dream for quite a long time now to visit a rainforest in Southern America or Asia. Soon I can do it in Australia which I am really grateful of but this hasn’t been my dream.
I want to thank my friend Birgid for sharing the Cowspiracy movie ( to watch it free the link is here: http://putlocker.li/cowspiracy-the-sustainability-secret-2014-full-movie-putlocker-megashare9.html ).
This movie made me think why I am a vegan, why I want to travel the world, why I want to change the planet. The environmentalists say that there might be no rainforests already in ten years. And why’s that? Only because of animal agriculture. Every day hundreds of species die because rainforests are chopped down to grow grain. And no, this grain doesn’t help to feed the starving people right next to it, it is fed to animals which are killed 2 years later and sold in supermarkets for people to have their evening steak. This is not ok. I’ve only been a vegan for little over a year and of course there have been moments when I want to have some cheese on my pasta, some “nice” creamy ice-cream for dessert or a Tuna on a fancy dinner. But no, not anymore. I’ve been reminded that the only sustainable way to live on this planet with 7 billion other human beings is eating a vegan diet.

This is just unbelievable how many liters of water drink the animals that are used for dairy or meat. It doesn’t matter if I took 2 year-long shower without any breaks or showered for 2 minutes every week, it will not make a difference if human population won’t see what is going on. Most of the Americans call themselves environmentalists, they use bikes to go to work, close the running water while brushing teeth, recycle and so on, but “enjoy” their eggs and bacon in the morning with muesli with milk as a side dish, creamy chicken pasta for lunch and nice ground beef for dinner. But I cannot blame them because even the biggest environment protection “organisations” don’t talk about the real problem: animal agriculture. Our oceans are polluted with the wastes that farm animals produce, there is no other way to get rid of it.

It was summer of 2014 when I was in Haapsalu at Ashtanga Yoga retreat when I was told to try to live on vegan diet. For me it was solely an experiment. I tried and it worked. I felt good, light and happy. So I only did it because of yoga practice. I sticked to it. Then I started watching documentaries how the animals are raised, in which conditions, how they are slaughtered and everything. (really “good” movie about animal farming is Earthlings. Watch it here for free: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrhM_NUATl4 ).So after that I was even more confident being a vegan. But it is hard not because there is not enough vegan foods: I must say there are plenty and many of them are also really unhealthy which means that no, us vegans we do not only eat lettuce and tomatoes, it can even be really easy to gain weight on that diet. But my point is that just open your eyes and look. Look what is going on on our planet. We have killed most of the wild species here, our oceans are polluted, ice has melted, soon there will be no rainforests, soon there will be even more starved and dead people. And the main cause for it is , yeah you should by now know the cause, animal agriculture.

Just watch the movie Cowspiracy. With only one and a half hour it is explained easily what is happening with a lot of facts and explanations. I haven’t been that vegan who’s trying to convince my friends and family to do the same. But now I feel that I want my little brother and cousins to also visit rainforests, to go snorkeling with fishes who are colorful and actually alive. I want them to snowboard, I want them to see light blue ocean, I want them to breathe.
If not now then when? Start the change now. Do something which makes you feel good about yourself every day.

So why not travel the world and share the word? I think I should do that. Cause what I can see there are people from big food businesses who are so dependent on money and power that they forget that they cannot live like that forever. There’s not going to be enough land to feed people on omnivore diet. Maybe their next plan is to go raise cows on Mars? If you think about it then more than 50% of Earth is already covered with fields of grain. That’d be enough to feed twice as many people on vegan diet  that are living here on planet Earth but only less than a half of the population is fed with the meat we get from there. And if you ask where do you get your protein I have an answer for you. From plants obviously. From plant based diet you get 15% more protein than from meat. Eat your broccoli, green veggies, beans and peas.

When I travel what I enjoy the most are the natural wonders I get to see and experience. I am not fascinated to see tons of fish in nets, slaughters of little chicks and duckies, not to mention babycows taken away from their moms and put in cages and wild animals shot down. I want to live and I want to believe that all the people are good, but if kept in dark, everyone can do bad things. The information is right in front of us, embrace it and deal with it. Make a difference. original N1resources4beef-300x225 foodprintsc99e3f133d970f97583f763e855a828f

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